DIASOUL Corporation
Develiper Kohei Teramoto

<Developer’s Career>

1954 Born in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to
1973 Entered into Waseda University, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Electric Engineering
1973 Active in Waseda University Audio Society
1977 Joined Waseda University Department of Life Science and Engineering research, electric communication and acoustical engineering reserch
Student Audio Union (400 students of 11 universities of the Metropolitan area)
Its President in 1978
1979 Entered Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Inc. in charge of the amplification development
From 1988 Won many prizes including Component Grand Prix ‘Special Development Award’ etc
From 1999 Launched the Image Information System Supervisory Department and a project for a business purpose DLP projector.Launched the Image Information System Supervisory Department and a project for a business purpose DLP projector.
Won several prizes in relation to optical system with slim DLP
Until 2007 Leaded the project team to promote the developing research with the image department
From 2007 Mitsubishi Electric Car Multimedia Manufacturing Department developed and promoted DIATONE business for automobiles.
It began development of DIATONE SOUND. NAVI(car navigation system with high quality sound).
DIATONE speaker on vehicles won a number of Auto Sound Grand Prix awards for three consecutive years.
From 2012 Won annual golden awards of Auto Sound Grand Prix with DIATONE SOUND.NAVI for 3 consecutive years
Brought the DIATONE brand for car use to one of the best in Japan
March 2014 Retired from Mitsubishi Electric
At the same time, started a business with ‘DIASOUL, Inc.’ and became the representative director.
The name DIASOUL means to inherit the soul of DIATONE.
He takes the central roles for developing DIATONE SOUND.NAVI and DIATONE speakers as a DIATONE’s technical advisor at the moment.
December 2014 Opened the website of DIASOUL
Unveiled and announced DIASOUL i.

<Developer’s Minds>

There is nothing to compare with and it is wonderful to feel the impression of listening to the ‘best sound’ from the ‘best devise’.

I personally have experienced the wonderful impressions from uncountable amazing music with the experience in an audio business for 45 years for more than half of my life.
I grew up in the musical atmosphere where my mother was a pianist, and I was lucky to have the experience of listening to her acoustic music in front of me.

I personally had so many experiences to try and listen some of the best and expensive audio devices in the world and had audio researches by my self.

I put focus on the greatness of contents rather than the time when they were recorded, and also collected master pieces of records with full of amazing impressive energies with on eof the best qualities of all time.

From such experiences, I had started to think that the extreme goal of audio is to make people able to listen to the ‘impression’, the ‘comfort’, and ‘love’energies that the composers or musicians put in to their music, and make people listen to the music like acoustic performances.

Moreover, through such audio experiences in my research period for a long time, I realized that we can make the played (recorded) sound like acoustic sounds.
I absorbed in developing products with my strong passion that I would like everyone to feel the sound as if the musicians are performing in front of you when you close your eyes.

Through such researches and experiences, I felt strongly that there is yet an infinite possibilities in audio, and I reached to the result that I could fill in the boundaries of acoustic and played (recorded) sounds.

On the other hand, although such as paintings and statues can give almost the same impressions that people at that time felt visually when the artists created them, music can only introduce the impressive energy from recorded sound except for those who can listen to its live performances as music is a time consuming type of art.

We can now only listen to the recorded performances that can be defined as the legacy of mankind of the departed great musicians of old times.

I evaluate such great recordings as the same value with the excellent masterpiece paintings.
However, impressive and comfortable energies that we can receive from the recorded sounds largely differ with the existing playback equipment.

Therefore, I think that such decisive and valiant playback equipment and the invention of new one and only audio of light’s devices produced by talented manufactures are holding the huge mission to transmit the value of legacy of mankind.

DIASOULmark_01 i was born as the crystal of such ideas.

Sound is the very ‘particle of light’.

I would like to present the real essence, the wave of light of music as you hear from acoustic sounds.’the essence, the wave of light, in as if to listen to live music by maximizing

I also would like to present things beyond that.
That is the ‘Synchronization with ultimate music world’ from the wave of lights.

Here we have the unparalleled and genuine ‘high-end hyper-quality speaker’ that no one could had invented.

We proudly present the product that can reach all the eager awaited theories of acoustic and speaker fans all over the world.

I would like as many as possible to feel the real one.

This is the wish that I the developer feels.


This product is the high-end audio device developed to present to the USA, Europe, and all over the world.
This can overcome so called the ‘professional expensive speaker’ and put focuses on all the common users to be used in various circumstances. It is the predominant audio device as well as the artistic products completed and painted in visually beautiful piano black.
Although it is an expensive product, I am sure that it will be put in the position of a speaker for home use and it will be widely loved by all the long-awaiting sound fans.

*Regarding the Price

The product is not distributed generally at a shop for sale.
We will update the information where we display the audition product.

We will start to accept the inquiries, applications for audition, and reservations as soon as the Las Vegas Electronics Show(CES) finishes the display and sales period.

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