Company name DIASOUL Corporation
Company Location 〒651-1515
37-2, 6 cho-me, Kouzudai, Kitaku, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture
TEL: 078-220-4815
FAX: 078-220-5322
President Sawako Terasaki
Established March 3, 2014
Our business Acoustic space production
Our business includes planning, development, export and sales of acoustic instruments and consulting business about design, technology, production and sales of acoustic instruments.
Bank of account SMBC, MUFG, ASB

Privacy Policy (Private information protection policy)

DIASOUL co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Our company”) shall promote the private information protection by setting the private information policy, establishing the private information protection system and ensuring that all of our employees recognize the importance of it and adhere to it.

Management of private information

Our company shall keep customers’ private information accurate and up-to-date and perform the strict management on it to prevent the unauthorized access, loss, breakage, falsification, compromise of the private information by taking the necessary action such as maintaining the security system, consolidating the management system and conducting the thorough training on our employees.

The purpose of using the private information

Our company shall use the private information provided from customers to send e-mails and materials for providing information, the introduction of our company’s business and answers for your questions.

Prohibiting the disclosure and provision of private information to the third party

Our company shall manage private information provided from customers properly and will never disclose it to the third party except for the cases below.
The case when a customer agreed to provide his/her private information.
The case when our company discloses a customer’s private information to the companies to which we delegated part of our business to provide the service a customer hoped to have.
The case when a customer’s private information is required to be disclosed by law.

The security measures for the private information

Our company take the perfect measures for security to ensure that we can secure accuracy and security of private information.

Referrals from the identical person

In case when a customer hopes to have your private information referred, modified or revised and removed, our company provide the service after we checked whether you are the identical person or not.

Adherence to the law and norm and review

Our company shall adhere to laws and other norms applied regarding private information we maintains and perform the timely review on this policy to improve it.


Please feel free to contact us below regarding our company’s handling of private information.

DIASOUL co., Ltd.
〒651-1515 6-37-2Kouzudai, Kitaku ,Kobe ,Hyogo Prefecture
TEL: 078-220-4815(Japanese) +81-70-1767-0385(English) FAX:078-220-5322
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