The high grade speaker‘ DIASOULmark_01i‘
will be finally released
in April 2015.

DIASOUL aimed at deleting the boundaries of the acoustic sound and recorded (played) sound and it is called ‘border less sound‘.

Generally, when you listen to what we call ‘good sound’ from a normal speaker, you hear it different from the acoustic sound played in front of you.

DIASOUL creates the ‘presence of acoustic sound’ and ‘deleting the boundaries from the played sound almost completely ‘.
The eternal efforts show the ‘real sensation‘ and ‘divine comfort‘ that makes you feel cleansed.


“What is DIASOUL?”

DIASOUL is a newly born company.
However, we already have our unique technologies that we have seeker for from the various views of the audio devices for 40 years, ‘excellent musical experience ‘, and ‘ strong and intense’ aims to reach for the sound.


“DIASOUL’s techniques”

We need extraordinary technologies in order to realize the audio divises with the real techniques.
Even if we have such wonderful technics, we cannot reach the impression that moves your soul only if you simply combine such techniques.
In such occasion, we require genuine technology that creates the real sound and detailed drastic imagines that are symbolized with brand new technologies of developers.
Those technicians who have never impressed by listening to music cannot creat the sound that impress others’ souls.


“Acoustic Sound of DIASOUL”

What you see beyond the real impression and comfort from the presence of acoustic sound is the ‘synchronization of extreme world‘.
DIASOUL’s mission is to go beyond the 3 dimensional played sound that we hear in our living, and to present the ‘best sound from different dimension‘.


“Message from Staff”

Thank you very much for visiting the DIASOUL website.

This is the newly opened website and you may find some difficulties. We would like to appreciate your sincere supports in advance.
We will try our best to update all the new information on time on our website.

We hope we will have opportunities to have some contacts with all the speaker lovers so that you like our DIASOULmark_01i.
Thank you very much.

“Updated NEWS”

-We finally opened our long awaited website on December 26th, 2014.


-We will present our DIASOUL speaker mark_01i at the world’s largest electronic convention ‘CES’ in
Las Vegas of Nevada in the USA.

Convention Details
-Dates: January 6th to 8th, 2015
-Website for reference (Japanese official CES website):
-Where to find DIASOUL speakers:
Tech West Venezian Hotel Sweet 30th Floor Room 220
(Booth category: Audio, High-Performance/High-Resolution)

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